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NWFCS – Customer Undergraduate Scholarship – Due March 1st, 2018

Customer Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarships will be awarded to graduating high school students who plan to attend a higher-education institution in the fall of 2018; and to college sophomores, juniors and seniors starting classes in the fall of 2018. Any career field or major is eligible. Scholarship winners will be selected based on school and community involvement, scholastic performance and educational goals. All scholarships are $2,000 each.


The deadline to submit an application for a Northwest FCS Customer Scholarship is March 1 each year. Apply now.


An applicant must be a son or daughter of a current Northwest FCS customer; OR a son or daughter of an employee of a current Northwest FCS customer (the customer or business name  must be on the application in order to be considered).

Grandchildren of Northwest FCS customers or customer employees are not eligible. Children or grandchildren of Northwest FCS employees or board members are not eligible.

High school students must:
  • be a 2018 high school graduate and
  • plan to attend any higher-education institution in the fall of 2018.
College students must:
  • be a 2018 fall quarter (or semester) sophomore, junior, or senior enrolled in a higher-education institution;
  • be enrolled in a full-time schedule (12+ credits); and
  • not be a previous winner of a Northwest FCS college scholarship. (Note:  High school scholarship winners are eligible to apply as long as they are a college sophomore or greater and meet the above requirements.)

For more information, and how to apply, go to