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Heading Errors

The page title is the Heading 1 of the page.

Heading Sample 1

The first heading skips to Heading 4

Heading Sample 2
This is using bold to represent a heading. It will not show up in the heaiding list of screen readers.

Heading Sample 3

This may seem correct since the previous heading is a Heading 4 but without knowing where the bold heading fits in the hierarchy of headings for the topic of the page, we don’t know if this is the correct heading.

There is an empty heading separating this paragraph and the one above. It is usually used as a way to hack spacing into a page. There are better ways to go about adding space to a page that don’t interfere with the outline of the page

WebAim’s Wave Evaluation Tool

Wave results page »

screen capture of the webpage using WebAIM Wave Evaluation Tool showing the heading levels with errors.