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Photo ID

Posted by cahnrs.webteam | March 11, 2013

Who are we? What documents do we find so interesting? And what buildings are we standing in front of?


WSU CAHNRS staff need your help to properly catalog our photo archive. We are scanning hundreds of old slides, negatives, and prints to put online. But we’re missing your critical recollections of past WSU experiences that can identify these images. Can you help us get started by telling us, as best you can,

  • the contents,
  • the date, and
  • the photographer?

Please dig into your memory bank to determine if anything in our spring 2013 ReConnect spotlight photo looks familiar, and use the “Comments” field below to fill us in. Don’t spare the detail; we want you to share everything you know about this image. (For example, what is on the fanfold computer printout that is apparently taped to the red plywood siding in the background?)

Nothing in this picture rings a bell, but still want to help? We have many more mystery archival images posted at, and are adding more every month!

Want to know when we post new photos? Send an email to and we’ll add you to the notification list.