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McAndrew, Dr. William and Margaret (Love) Scholarship in Viticulture

Posted by nitcy | January 28, 2015

A Harvard graduate, “Dr. Bill” was a humble and skilled surgeon in the Northwest and very much a WSU supporter.  A graduate of WSU, Margaret was an artist in all respects with rich roots in the state of Washington. In her family are generations of WSU graduates that extend to the hard-working homesteaders of Eastern Washington and the first years of Washington State Agricultural College.  Born and raised in the Finger Lake’s region of New York State, Dr. McAndrew had long dreamed of planting a vineyard yielding premium wine grapes.  He carefully researched soil, temperature, rainfall and elevation before acquiring the property in 1972 where he began planting “Celilo Vineyards”.  Celilo is now recognized as a pioneer in the industry as well as an award winning producer of fine wines from local vintners.  In their desire to pass something of value and meaning to future generations they have created this scholarship.  The family encourage the recipients of these funds to continue to dream and pursue excellence in viticulture.

Award requirements:

This funds will be used to provide one or more undergraduate scholarships or graduate fellowship for students focusing on viticulture as their primary degree.

How To Apply

Roughly $700,000 in total awards to hundreds of students annually


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