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Extension Publications Inventory

Posted by | April 11, 2014

April 8, 2014

Dear Extension Faculty,

In an effort to reduce costs, be more environmentally conscious, and make extension educational materials more widely available, Extension Publications is shifting to a web-first distribution model.

1. On May 2, 2014, we will greatly reduce our inventory of printed publications created in 2008 and before. A list of the items is available here. If you wish to retain your own inventory or personal copies, please call (509-335-2999 or 800-723-1763), email, or visit our office in the Cooper Publications building on the Pullman campus to place your order. (Cost to you will be limited to the price of postage if you need materials mailed.). Note that Pat BoyEs and Nancy Mordhorst are working specifically with the 4-H materials to update or put out of print for the start of the new 4-H year October 1.

For the foreseeable future, we will stock newly printed publications for just five years.

2. While we will keep a minimal printed inventory, digital versions of numbered publications created between 2004 and 2008 (6–10 years old) will remain in the WSU Extension Online Store if they are briefly reviewed by a subject matter specialist (and by the state pesticide coordinator, if necessary) and confirmed as both relevant and accurate without changes to the content. In these cases, a review date and the reviewer’s name will be added to the publication and online store listing. If a revision is deemed necessary, it will also require submission to FastTrack for peer review. If the content is deemed both out-of-date and not worth revision (based on customer demand, sales figures and review by a subject matter specialist), the publication will be removed from the online store (put “out of print”).

Digital publications that are more than 10 years old (created in 2003 and before) will be removed from the online store on May 2, but authors or content specialists have the option to revise and submit for peer review via FastTrack.

3. In the future, authors will be notified about publications that are due for a 5-year review or that are reaching their 10-year limit.

4. All publications removed from our physical inventory or online store (put “out of print”) will be archived in the WSU library system for permanent public access.

5. While digital will be the default format, a few publications continue to warrant printing. The publication type/format and revenue/cost structure will determine if a publication qualifies for a large print run. For audiences that prefer the traditional printed format, we are working with University Publishing to enable print-on-demand capabilities for most, if not all, of our publications. We are expecting print on demand capabilities to be fully integrated by July 1, 2014.

Flowchart of Publications Maintenance Process (click for pdf)



We appreciate the body of knowledge that you provide to Washington residents and the world. We value our partnership in maintaining the currency and accessibility of this information. We look forward to pursuing other aspects of our new web-first model, including exciting opportunities to deliver content in alternative ways, which we will share with you soon.

If you have questions about the changes to our operations, please email Karla Dolph at


Rich Koenig

Associate Dean and Director of Extension


Joshua Paulsen

Director of Communications