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For Authors

The lead author must confirm that a manuscript topic is needed and is not currently addressed in our system. Failure to do so could result in rejection of the manuscript if it does not add to the body of information in our system.

FastTrack Overview (pdf)

Steps for submitting a manuscript:

Items to review BEFORE writing a manuscript:

For Program Directors

The Program Director must select the appropriate number of qualified reviewers. These reviewers can be internal to WSU, external, or both. It is critical that reviewers clearly understand the timeline for conducting the review and the expectations for a complete and appropriate review.

The Program Director is responsible for monitoring the review process for each publication submitted in their program area. If reviewers fail to perform their tasks within the prescribed timeframe, it is incumbent upon the Program Director to either motivate or replace the reviewer.

Before being accepted for peer review, manuscripts must be complete, and free of basic defects in spelling, grammar, organization, and formatting. Extension editors will conduct a Pre-Review of incoming manuscripts. The Program Director will be able to view a copy of the completed editorial pre-review.

For Reviewers

The job of a peer reviewer is to read a manuscript and assess its content for sound scientific basis, technical accuracy, and completeness. A peer reviewer should also document egregious gaps in structure or illogical organization. And finally, a peer reviewer passes judgment as to whether a manuscript is of high enough quality that it is ready to be submitted for publication.

Please note: A manuscript submitted for peer review has not been formally and OFFICIALLY edited; it is submitted as a DRAFT manuscript, requiring peer review of content only. Formal WSU Extension editing will take place AFTER peer review is complete.

The Double-Blind Peer Review Process

This is a double-blind peer review process, meaning, the author will not know who the reviewers are, and the reviewers will not know who the author is. By default, Microsoft Word includes your name along with the comments you have added. In order to preserve your identity, you must follow the steps in the link(s) below to strip your name from the document.

How to make your review anonymous:

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