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Image Resources

Where do I get Images and how can I use them?

Material on the Internet is NOT automatically in the public domain. Material online is available to look at and read—it is NOT automatically available for anyone to take and reuse.

With any image database and with any specific image, you must look for and read any fine print that will specify whether you can use the image, and, if you can use it, what other requirements you must follow, such as citing a source or photographer.

WSU copyright policy and information

Creative Commons license information

Image Sources

Following are examples of online sources for images. This is not an exhaustive list and does not imply endorsement of the sites listed.

Public Domain

Material is freely available to download and use. Citing the source is not required but is still a good, professional practice.

Open Content

Generally available images through Creative Commons licenses; each will have different restrictions, requirements, or specific attributions (how to cite the source).

Royalty Free

Images for purchase, with single or restricted use.

Rights Managed

Images for purchase; limited exclusivity.

Club Sites

Free to join or subscribe. Downloads are also free; must still cite the source as directed.

Further Exploration