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Peer Review Process for Videos

Darrell Kilgore | (509) 335-9221 |

  1. Pre-production phone call with Darrell Kilgore to talk about project, helpful hints, go over production processes and lay out the steps needed. At this point it will be discussed how this will be produced, equipment used, production practices and timelines.  We will also need to determine the end-use for this video (video for web, DVD, or as a data file), use of logos, distribution, and where the video will be kept.
  2. Development of storyline, conduct phone or one-on-one interviews to develop content and get transcription of video content (narration, interviews, footage). This step will breakdown the pieces needed to put the production together.
  3. Send to Darrell Kilgore for final approval, confirm storyboard, turn in written example of manuscript. When approved it is ready to turn in to FastTrack.
  4. Submit to FastTrack for formal peer review. Submit Word document of story and/or manuscript. When it has been peer reviewed a Peer Reviewed Video (PRV) number will be assigned and you are ready to go shoot.
  5. Work on shooting, editing and putting together final product. Darrell Kilgore is available for assistance in editing questions, how-to’s, and general assistance to get to a final product. Use proper logos and follow the university’s graphic identity guidelines.
  6. Produced piece is content checked by a Program Director (or someone else identified) so the final approval of content comes from someone within that discipline. Once approved, the video is ready to be published.