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Author Guidelines

WSU Extension has established criteria for manuscripts submitted for publishing. The correct format of the publication is crucial to getting published in a timely manner. Use this template for correct formatting.

Please note: Due to CAHNRS Communications’ limited capacity and current backlog, any publications that do not follow the provided template and style guide will be returned to authors.

Below are some basic submission guidelines for your manuscript. More detailed information can be found in the Style Guide. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in a request for revision in the pre-review stage, before a manuscript goes to peer review.

Pre-Review of Manuscripts

Before being accepted for peer review, a manuscript must be complete and free of basic defects. Extension editors will conduct pre‚Äźreviews of incoming manuscripts uploaded to FastTrack. This review occurs before the peer review.


  1. Sources are cited where necessary.
  2. No significant overlap with existing publications.
  3. Follows Author Guidelines.

Passing this pre-review does not predict or guarantee successful peer review or subsequent publication for any manuscript.

Submission of Manuscripts

Submit text in the Microsoft Word file template provided. Refer to the Style Guide for specifics on reference citations, requirements for graphics and images, and figure and table captions and in-text mentions.