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Tips & Training

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Anatomy of a News Release
Tips for Working with the Media
Tips for Media Interviews
Submit a News Release

With more than 38 academic units, centers and institutes, and 40 Extension offices in CAHNRS, there are hundreds of stories to be told and announcements to be made each year. While CAHNRS Communications helps tell many of these stories, we can’t write them all. (See the list of news topics covered by CAHNRS Communications, below.)

When your department or program has news to announce—an event, student success, faculty recognition, grant award, or a new program or discovery—a press release is often the first step in getting the word out. The resources above provide helpful tips and information to help make it easier for you to write and submit news releases.

CAHNRS Communications writes news releases about

  • Significant research discoveries with broad public interest
  • Events involving the entire college
  • Grant awards of $1 million or more
  • Significant awards given to faculty. These include awards that would be of interest to the general media, not just specific disciplines. For example, awards from the Natural Resources Defense Council, National Science Foundation, etc.

Departments are responsible for writing news releases about

  • Department events
  • Grant awards of less than $1 million
  • Discipline-specific faculty awards


If you have questions about writing a news release, please see the resources above or contact Seth Truscott, 509-335-8164, or Scott Weybright, 509-335-2967,