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CAHNRS Social Media Policy

We have our WSU CAHNRS Facebook policy posted on the CAHNRS Facebook page. As a WSU-affiliated group, feel free to take this and modify it to your specific account. This was approved by the WSU Attorney General’s office. The policy reads:

WSU CAHNRS Facebook Policy

The purpose of the Washington State University (WSU or University) CAHNRS Facebook page is to promote University related news, research, events, activities and accomplishments. We welcome your opinions and encourage open discussion about what we post. However, WSU is not responsible for comments or wall postings made by visitors to this page and reserves the right to remove any content that:

  • Contains profanity or obscenity
  • Constitutes, condones or encourages illegal activity
  • Violates trademark or copyright laws
  • Violates University Policy, including the University’s Standards of Conduct for Students and the University’s Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct
  • Is lewd, misleading, or libelous
  • Is not relevant to the topic of the post or page
  • Is intended to promote commercial business or political interests
  • Contains others’ confidential, personal, or private information

WSU also reserves the right to ban or block postings from posters who are repeat or egregious offenders of this policy.

By posting comments or items to the @CAHNRS Facebook page, users consent to WSU’s use of their content for marketing or promotional purposes.

WSU upholds the Terms of Service standards administered by Facebook. Facebook encourages all users to utilize the “Report” links when they find abusive content.


Questions regarding WSU CAHNRS social media may be directed to