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Video & Photography

CAHNRS Communications has created hundreds of informational, educational and recruitment video programs, as well as countless satellite broadcasts over the last 27 years. In fact, many of our productions have received awards in prestigious festivals in the areas of writing, graphics, production, and editing. Our production team is ready to work on your next project.

Our team uses professional grade cameras and lenses to produce beautiful images that convey every detail of your message in full HD clarity.

Video camera set up for shootingFinding creative perspectives gives your program added visual interest and enhances audience engagement. To help capture these unique images we employ cutting-edge equipment including motorized sliders, automated gimbal stabilizers, macro lenses, aerial photography and more.

Complimenting your video with 2D and 3D animations will take your project to the next level, expanding on ideas and focusing on details that can’t be captured with a camera.

Rates for video production, editing, audio engineering, and photography are a flat rate of $63/hour. Some projects may include incidental costs such as travel, licensing fees, stock video, etc.

Contact Darrell Kilgore at, or call 509-335-9221. Let’s get started!

See some of our sample work in the links below:

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