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Roles and Responsibilities

Every unit will need personnel to serve in the following roles to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information on their website.

Website Administrator

The point-person for a department, county, or unit web site. This individual will:

  • Participate in advanced training; and
  • Receive monthly in-depth analytics reports.

A Website Administrator’s responsibilities include:

  • Maintain a well-organized site and menu navigational structure
  • Maintain website users access
  • Comment moderation, if activated. Expected turn-around time for legitimate inquiries made via comments is 48 hours.
  • Review and approve content submitted by Website Authors
  • Providing editorial oversight
  • Providing basic support for Website Authors and Editors
  • Interface with CAHNRS Communications web team for any custom design or functionality needs
  • Interface with CAHNRS Communications web team for uploading of video media to the CAHNRS YouTube channel
  • Review analytics reports to determine whether the site is effectively meeting its goals

Website Editor

A Website Editor’s responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing content for Website Authors
  • Checking for factual and grammatical accuracy
  • Performing informal periodic reviews of content pages
  • Submitting requests to Website Authors to update content

Website Author

Primary content creators. A Website Author’s responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating with the Website Administrator when creating new pages
  • Keeping their content up-to-date (every page will have an assigned Author)
  • Further responsibilities to be defined by the department or unit