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Self-Guided Training

Whether you are just getting started with WordPress or need to brush up on how to make a slideshow or reformat a page, our self guided training is a good place to learn.


We created self running screen casts to be reviewed while you are working on your sites to demonstrate specific functions or features of our WordPress system.

Has your site installed the newest version of the WordPress editor? The CAHNRS Communications team has created training videos for the new editor >>

County Theme

Click here for tips on editing features specific to the County Extension Theme.


  1. WordPress Introduction
  2. Logging in
  3. Pages
  4. Media Library
  5. Menus

Advanced Features

  1. Slideshows Using Posts
  2. Slide Show using Links
  3. Slide Show using an RSS Feed
  4. Documents
  5. Creating and editing Dynamic Pages
  6. Dynamic Templates
  7. Events Calendar
  8. Photo galleries
  9. Add address in Footer
  10. HTML Email Generator