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Adjunct and Affiliate Faculty


Name Phone Number Email Address Location Title Area of Interest
Abi-Ghanem, Rita Adjunct Faculty
Bolton, Harvey Jr 509-371-6958 Adjunct Faculty Chemical, Materials, and Computational Sciences
Campbell, Colin S. 509-335-5661 or 509-332-2756 JsnH 251 Adjunct Faculty Soil biophysics
Campbell, Kim 509-335-0582 JsnH 379 Adjunct Faculty Wheat breeding and genetics
Cannon, Ashley 509-335-8696 JsnH 209A Adjunct Faculty seed development and physiology
Castiglione, Paolo 509-332-5650 Adjunct Faculty
Chen, Weidong 509-335-9178 JsnH 301 Adjunct Faculty
Cobos, Douglas R. 509-332-2756 Adjunct Faculty Soil biophysics
Collins, Douglas 253-445-4658 Adjunct Faculty Soil science
Collins, Harold 509-786-9250 WSU Prosser IAREC Adjunct Faculty Soil microbiology
Coyne, Clare 509-335-3878 JsnH 55 Adjunct Faculty Legumes-cool season grain
Embertson, Nichole 360-483-8595 Whatcom Conservation District Adjunct Faculty Agriculture nutrient management
Huggins, David 509-335-3379 JsnH 247 Adjunct Faculty Cropping systems-conservation
Islam, Mohammed  509-335-3036 jsnH 271 Adjunct Faculty Environmental chemistry
Jarvis, Devra Italy Adjunct Faculty Conservation
Johnson, Richard C. Adjunct Faculty
Kisha, Ted 509-335-6898 JsnH 25 Adjunct Faculty Plant genetics
Lafferty, Jolene Elise 509-335-3475 JsnH 201A Adjunct Faculty
McGee, Rebecca 509-335-0300 Adjunct Faculty
Miklas Phillip 509-786-9258 Prosser Adjunct Faculty Legume genetics-dry beans
Morris, Craig 509-335-4062 Food Qual 202 Adjunct Faculty Wheat quality
Muehlbauer, Fred 509-335-9521 Adjunct Faculty Legume genetics-peas and lentils
Norberg, Steve 509-545-3511 Benton Franklin Extension Affiliate Faculty
Payumo, Jane 509-335-8367 Bryan 206B Affiliate Faculty International research, intellectual property, and training/capacity development
Pearce, Carolyn 509-372-4875 PNNL Adjunct Faculty
Qualset, Calvin 916-761-0558 UC Davis Adjunct Faculty Wheat breeding and genetics
Reardon, Catherine 541-278-4392 USDA-ARC Adams, OR Adjunct Faculty Research Microbiologist
Rupp, Richard 509-335-2381 JsnH 405b Adjunct Faculty Info systems coordinator
Rustgi, Sachin  843-519-0475 Florence, SC Adjunct Faculty barley breeding and genetics
Sharratt, Brenton 509-335-2724×146 JsnH 215 Adjunct Faculty
Skinner, Dan Z. 509-335-8696 JsnH 209B Adjunct Faculty Wheat quality physiology
Stahnke, Gwen 509-527-4225 Walla Walla Adjunct Faculty Turfgrass
Steber, Camille 509-335-2887 JsnH 283 Adjunct Faculty Wheat genetics
Streubel, Jason 360-739-4705 Springfield, MO Adjunct Faculty Soil fertility international agronomy
Yu, Long-Xi 509-786-9259 Adjunct Faculty Plant germplasm introduction & testing