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Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Address Location Title
CSS FAX 509-335-8674 JsnH 115
CSS Classroom 509-335-5620 JsnH 204
CSS Conference Room 509-335-3939 JsnH 104E
Bricker, Mary Lou 509-335-0584 JsnH 115 Finance/Budget Coordinator
Nordquist, Tami 509-335-3640 JsnH 115 Administrative Assistant III
Crow, Samantha 509-677-3671 Lind Administrative Assistant II



USDA Offices

Name Phone Number Location Title
Dann, James 509-335-1502 JsnH 59 USDA-ARS Plant Introduction Program Support Assistant
Frost, Travis 509-335-3238 HH 211 USDA-ARS Administrative Officer
Lutes, Vickie 509-335-3632 JsnH 209 USDA Wheat Health Program Support Assistant
Meyer, Brianne 509-335-8662 HH 211 USDA-ARS Main Office
Olson, Carla 509-335-1552 JsnH 215 USDA-ARS Northwest Sustainable Agroecosystems Program Support Assistant
Parker, Kathleen 509-335-1116 JsnH 367A USDA Wheat Health/Root Disease Program Support Assistant
Partain, Richard 509-335-7766 HH 211 USDA-ARS Safety and Occupational Health Specialist
Powell, Robert 509-335-9521 JsnH 303 USDA-ARS Grain Legume Program Support Assistant
Vogl, Shawna 509-335-4062 FSHN E202 USDA-ARS Western Wheat Quality Lab Program Support Assistant



Farms & Facilities

Farm or Facility Name and Manager Name Phone Number
Central Ferry Farm (K. Tetrick) 509-843-3580
Cook Agronomy Farm (F. Ankerson) 509-335-3081
509-335-8345 PP Farm Shop
Grain Legume Greenhouse 509-335-8737
Head House 509-335-8717
Organic Farm (B. Jaeckel) 509-335-5893
Lind Dryland Research Station (B. Sauer) 509-677-3671
Palouse Conservation Farm (F. Ankerson) 509-332-2753
Plant Growth Facility (D. Dreesmann) 509-335-5824, Zip 6003
Plant Materials Center (D. Spellman) 509-335-9689
Spillman Agronomy Farm (F. Ankerson) 509-335-3081 office;
509-335-6856 Sheaf House
Washington State Crop Improvement Association (J. Robinson);
Foundation Seed Service
509-335-8250 office;
509-335-4365 FSS
WSU/USDA Plant Introduction Farms (S. Vail) 509-335-2431
WSU/USDA Plant Introduction Seed Labs 509-335-4616
USDA Cereal Disease Unit (K. Evans) 509-335-4789