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Spring 2021 Virtual Seminars

1:10-2:00 p.m.

SOIL_SCI 501 and CROP_SCI 510 Contact/Organizer: Dr. Rich Koenig

January 25

Adjunct Faculty Seminar
Evy Jaconis, USADPL Director of Research
“Particulates to Peas: My Scientific Path”

February 1

no seminar

February 8

Adjunct Faculty Seminar
Kayla Altendorf, USDA-ARS Hops Breeder at IAREC
“Increasing the Efficiency and Precision of Selection in Intermediate Wheatgrass and Hop Breeding”

February 15

no seminar – Presidents’ Day

February 22

Jason Jimenez, USDA Soil Scientist, 3 Rivers District
“Seasonal Work Opportunities with the U.S. Forest Service”

March 1


March 8

Affiliate Faculty Seminar
Martine Perrigue (Petey), Dept. of of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology in ESFCOM
“A Role for Human Clinical Trials in Crop Nutrition Enhancement”

March 15


March 22


March 29

Dr. LaKisha Odom, FFAR

April 5


April 12

Chun-Peng (James) Chen, Ph.D. Candidate
“A Paradigm Shift in Breeding: From Genomics to Phenomics”

April 19

Wilson Craine, Ph.D. Candidate
“Developing a Phenotype Pipeline for GWAS in Camelina”

April 26

Dr. Kevin Murphy, CSS
“Soil-2-Society and Opportunities with ESFCOM’s Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (NEP)”

May 3