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Internships/Summer Employment


Student testing compost.The Internship Program at the Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership provides comprehensive career counseling and services to help students integrate educational experiences with internships in the government, business, industry and non-profit sectors. The program is free for participants.


Recurring Opportunities

American Geological Institute Geoscience and Public Policy Internships

AGI seeks outstanding geoscience students with a strong interest in federal science policy for a semester or summer internship. Interns will gain a first-hand understanding of the legislative process and the operation of executive branch agencies. They will also hone both their writing and Web publishing skills.

USA Jobs

Learn about the federal government jobs, internships, the Student Career Employment Program (SCEP), summer employment, volunteer service etc. with agencies such as the Natural Resource Conservation Service.  Information specific to student hiring on the Student and Recent Graduates page and can find fact sheets and other information on a wide range of federal hiring topics on the  Help Center page.

NRCS Career Intern Program

This program will be used primarily for hiring Soil Conservationists and Soil Conservation Technicians. This is not a program which is advertised under the vacancy announcement process, but instead is recruited primarily from “word of mouth”. We will establish an applicant supply file and will maintain this file on a continual basis. Any questions concerning the Career Intern Program should be addressed to Eileen Jackson at (509) 323-2934. NRCS application materials (pdf)

NRCS Student Career Experience Program is a planned, progressive education program that provides for the integration of a student’s academic studies with target positions in the Federal workforce. The SCEP Program allows students to gain real, paid work experience while pursuing a college degree in a particular career field. Work locations vary each summer, and the duties and locations are designed to provide hands-on experience and training in the specific discipline for which hired. At the agency’s option, students who successfully complete all work, study, qualifications, and other eligibility requirements may be offered permanent positions with our agency upon graduation. Questions? Contact Human Resources at (509) 323-2934.

Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP)–This program allows an agency to hire qualified students non-competitively for temporary work assignments. Work may be either full-time or part-time depending on the needs of the agency and the student’s availability. STEP allows a student to gain valuable experience in resource-related field work, but provides maximum flexibility to both students and managers because the nature of the work assignments does not have to be directly related to the student’s academic or career goals, and there is no obligation on either the student’s or the agency’s part for permanent employment. Hiring opportunities under the STEP program vary from year to year. To find out if there are any current STEP openings in Washington State, please contact Human Resources in the Spokane State Office, (509) 323-2934. NRCS Employment Information sheet (pdf)

Research/Internship Opportunities at Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL)

Offer High School, BS, MS, and PhD level internships, as well as post-BS, MS, and PhD full time research positions.

To view the list of fellowships and internships sponsored by the Lab, go to their page Master’s and Ph.D. level internship jobs.

How to Complete a CROP_SCI 498 or SOIL_SCI 498 Internship

Students enrolled in CROP_SCI 498 or SOIL_SCI 498 should follow the instructions in the handbook (pdf).

CROP_SCI/HORT 495 Research Experience for Undergraduates


CROP_SCI/HORT 495 Syllabus (doc)

CROP_SCI/HORT 495 Agreement (doc)

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