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ALE 2017

At the Association of Leadership Educators annual conference in Charleston, South Carolina, Caitlin Bletscher, Clinical Assistant Professor with the CTLL, received the Distinguished Educator award for her presentation on using experiential learning to develop active listening in the classroom in her Educator Workshop presentation.

Caitlin Bletscher receives Distinguished Educator award for her presentation on developing active listening using experiential learning.

Bletscher has brought the Who Grows Apples active listening exercise to the HD205 classroom to demonstrate the importance of active listening in effective communication.

“We learn in elementary school how to write, read, and speak, but virtually no class time is spent teaching techniques to make listening more effective.” The challenge for the transformational leader in our current complex world is to find ways to listen effectively (Wolvin, 2005).

This Educator Workshop provides the content, pedagogy, and delivery for how to effectively and experientially combat this challenge by introducing the concept of active listening in the classroom. Participants will leave this workshop with a scholarly, theoretical, and practical understanding of active listening; equipped with tools to implement an active listening exercise into their leadership and/or communication courses; and engage in discussion for addressing active listening in today’s organizations and communities.