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The CAHNRS Coug Mentor Network

The Coug Mentor Network is a support system for students, industry partners and alumni. The CTLL ensures that meaningful networking and mentoring opportunities are not only available, but are truly beneficial to everyone. It acts as the link for both students and mentors to connect to common interests, share stories, and create lasting relationships.

Ignite Undergraduate Research Program

The CTLL offers a mentor program for high caliber students in their first year at WSU.  Selected students have the opportunity to team up with a faculty member and engage in undergraduate research. The overall goal is for each student to gain hands-on, value added experience in their discipline to develop a highly desirable skill set that will improve employability.

CAHNRS Coaches

Are you new to WSU and would like to connect with a peer? Connect with a CAHNRS Coach! As current CAHNRS students, CAHNRS Coaches are eager to share their recipe for success in adapting to the college lifestyle. Coaches are mentors who offer advice on balancing school and social life, finding clubs and getting involved, registering for class, navigating my.WSU, saving money on textbooks, overcoming homesickness, and the best hangout spots in Pullman. If interested, please contact Herb Lengel via email.IGNITE - Undergraduate Research Program