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We believe in learning by doing.

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CTLL learning programs are multidisciplinary and experiential, bringing together students and faculty from diverse disciplines to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

The CTLL provides exciting hands-on learning opportunities that take students well beyond our traditional classrooms. The reach of our programs also extends beyond campus, both regionally and internationally. Our learning programs are well-planned, supervised, and assessed to ensure quality in academic inquiry, civic engagement, career development, cultural awareness and leadership.

International Immersion experiences

The CTLL International Immersion Program creates opportunities for students to learn the language of global business, engage with complex interconnected global issues, gain opportunities to study and travel abroad, and become an empowered global citizen.  We work with local partners to create a fully collaborative undertaking so that both students and local partners gain from the experience.

Classroom Immersion experiences

In collaboration with CAHNRS Academic Programs, the Leadership Capstone Course has been developed to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills acquired by students within their discipline to leadership.  During the fall semester, the class utilizes a service learning component and in the spring semester an outdoor education context for integration and application.  Taken during the final semesters at WSU, this course offers students high quality leadership experiences that will serve as a supportive foundation as they begin their professional careers. If interested in enrolling for a future class, please contact Anna Whitehall via email.

How can you support the CTLL?

Our students play a large role in helping the Center for Transformative Learning and Leadership to produce graduate students positioned for life-long success.  We encourage you to look into donating to the Transformative Programming plan as we at the CTLL continue to expand globally, thank you from all of us at the Center.

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