CAHNRS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence Mini Grants

Mini-Grant applications are open for CAHNRS until October 15, 2022. Please submit all applications to

CAHNRS DEI Mini-Grant Awardees 2022-2023

Improving Access to a Transformative Intercultural Experience via Student Scholarships for Inaugural Faculty-Led Study-Abroad Trip to Uruguay

Study-abroad programs contribute to personal growth, improve problem-solving and teamwork skills, build confidence and cultural sensitivity, and expand career opportunities. One recognized pathway of enhancing access is through student scholarships, which can help mitigate the high cost of study-abroad programs. This mini-grant will fund five scholarships for CAHNRS student from underrepresented groups to participate in the inaugural study-abroad trip titled “Exploring Agriculture, Community, and Sustainable Livelihoods in Uruguay” and will be led by Ms. Holly Henning and Dr. Jessica Goldberger. Students will expand their knowledge of agriculture, food systems, community development, and sustainable livelihoods through hands-on projects with small-scale farmers. The study-abroad trip and associated course(AFS 483: Special Topics in Study Abroad) will emphasize critical thinking, community building, intercultural connections, and international careers.
Student Success and Academic Programs has partnered with the DEI Committee to fund this proposal.

WSU Extension Clark County Master Gardener Program

Clark County Master Gardener Program will be partnering with Good Rain Farm, an indigenous women-led farm who provides instruction on processing and saving seeds from plants traditionally prized by Indigenous People. Participants in this program will learn hands-on skills, historical and cultural information, and practice the reverence and reciprocity of seed saving form an Indigenous lens. The Clark County Master Gardner’s role in this partnership will be recruiting participants, provide physical space, coordination for two workshops, and provide a portion of their farm property where their office is located to grow seed material for use in the workshops. The Master Gardeners will help with formalizing the educational curriculum in an effort to streamline/support future delivery and increasing capacity of this organization to offer the course.

Salmon Cook-Off at Reany Park, Pullman WA

Furthering collaborative relationships with Indigenous First Nations peoples through increased inclusion in research and educational opportunity will boost the impact of CAHNRS research efforts. In line with this, and Theme 4 of the CAHNRS DEI strategic plan, Dr. Michal Phelps and Dr. Contessa Ricci will host a Salmon Cook-Off at Reany Park in Pullman, WA. This event will celebrate the rich cultural heritage of local Indigenous peoples(centering on Pacific salmon),and educate CAHNRS students, faculty, staff, and the public on the importance of restoring and protecting Pacific salmon for future generations. Wild-caught salmon sourced from local Tribes and Nations will be prepared for attendees while educational talks are held by individuals of Indigenous First Nations descent, and WSU researchers working in salmon conservation. The event will support CAHNRS commitment to serve Indigenous communities and highlight the unique nexus between Western Science and Indigenous Ways of Knowing that Pacific Salmon occupy.

CAHNRS DEI Mini-Grant Awardees 2021-2022

Developing Capacity for WSU Partnerships with Local Tribes to Initiate Projects that Merge Science and Indigenous Knowledge

In this collaborative project proposer Laura Bartley, Associate Professor, Institute of Biological
Chemistry and collaborators Maren Friesen, Associate Professor, Crop and Soil Sciences and Plant
Pathology, Tarah Sullivan, Associate Professor, Crop and Soil Sciences, and Affiliate Professor,
Center for Native American Research and Collaboration (CNARC), and Ken Lokensgard, CoDirector, Center for Native American Research and Collaboration, (CNARC) take steps to
transform the social and intellectual fabric of academia at WSU by creating a network among and
between academic researchers and local tribes. Their goal is to create a WSU-UI network with
awareness of Indigenous Knowledge and tribal needs and enhanced capability to mentor and
collaborate with Indigenous scholars, establish initial relationships and awareness of local tribe
interests, and create a framework for developing proposals to support joint knowledge-generating
and nation-building projects.

Unity in Diversity: A holistic Approach for Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence at WSU Prosser Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center IAREC

IAREC is a ‘mini cosmos’ where faculty, staff and students from diverse nationalities and ethnic
backgrounds work together advancing research knowledge to solve complex agricultural challenges.
We propose to expand CAHNRS DEI initiatives and activities at IAREC to advance a culture of
inclusivity in professional activities and personal life to respect socio-cultural identity and understand
distinct cultures, traditions, and value systems. This proposal aims to bridge the gap between IAREC
and Prosser communities by hosting events at local venues for community building, engagement
support, and empowerment. The events will include training DEI courses for IAREC faculty, staff,
and students, as well as a series of guest speakers that will address topics related to social justice,
Native American Heritage, African American History, American Hispanic/Latinx history and others
to enrich knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures in a globalized world to achieve cultural
understanding and enrichment at IAREC.

India Night
Organizers if India Night posing together on a stage.

The Indian Students Association (ISA) will hold India Night, the biggest event in their portfolio.
The event is planned for April 17, 2022 (tentative) and it is a superb confluence of cultures where
there will be food, music, dance, and a glimpse of the rich and diverse Indian culture in the region.
This celebration of Indian culture promotes diversity, equity, and inclusivity through opportunities
and collaborations between different communities on and off campus, who organize and participate
in the event. The Indian Students Association has a deep personal and emotional connection that
impacts not only the lives of our student community but also the communities around Pullman,
Moscow, and Spokane. India Night offers music, art, and food that connects the audience through
culinary and artistic traditions with Indian culture promoting cultural exchange and diversifying our
learning communities.
The Office of Research has partnered with the DEI Committee to fund this third proposal. IAREC
is also partnering to match funds for this award.