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Fining of Grape Juice and Wine Workshop by Dr. Oliver Schmidt

July 25, 2013 @ 1:30 am - 4:30 pm

Presented by: Dr. Oliver Schmidt

Lecturer at the Enology, State Agricultural Research and Education Institute, LVWO Weinsberg, Germany

Hosted by WSU V&E Extension: Dr. Thomas Henick-Kling, Dr. Richard Larsen, Dr. Jim Harbertson

Dr. Schmidt has much experience in wine production practice in Australia and in Europe and he is an outstanding teacher of wine production methods.

This workshop will explain why fine a wine. It will give you an overview of various fining materials, their action and their use. Fining for clarification, protein stabilization, flavor and aroma modification. And it will give you hands-on experience in setting up and evaluating fining trials.

July 25, 2013, 1:30 – 4:30pm, WSU Tri-Cities
BSEL Building, Room 101
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Registration Fee $40.00
To register contact Debbie Schwenson, 509-372-7224 or

Detailed Program
• Introduction into the basics of fining – theory of fining
• Short characterization of most commonly used fining materials
• Example calculation for a bench trial
• Hands-on workshop – practical bench trials
• Evaluation of the trials (visual and/or taste and aroma evaluation

Three main reasons for fining juice and wine:
1. Stabilization
• Protein haze [no bench trial necessary, test takes too long]
• (Metal haze)

2. Clarification by fining
• Gelatin & silica sol
• Isinglass & silica sol

3. Improvement of taste/remedy for off flavors
• Unspecific reduction of off flavors with activated carbon/bentonite
• Elimination of reductive notes via CuS04
• Specific off-flavor correction
• Bitterness and astringency (gelatin, PVPP, casein) harsh phenolics in red wine
• Harsh phenolics in red wine (gelatin, fresh egg white or albumin)
• Brown color (PVPP, casein)
• Milk
• Yeast fining and yeast fining materials for improved of mouthfeel and enhanced aroma


July 25, 2013
1:30 am - 4:30 pm