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Help for your Move

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Words of Wisdom

… from someone who’s been through it!

Travis Frost, USDA/ARS Administrative Unit Manager, moved 8 offices where he and his staff had been located for 20 years, to a single conference room about 1/4 of the space in about 40 days.

He recommends a few Critical Questions to ask:

  • What files can be recycled, trashed, or must be shredded?
  • What files require long-term retention and consolidate into well-marked file storage?
  • What files will require access at the temporary office (or lab).
  • Ask if you have access to enough trash, recycling, and shred bins?  If not, how do I get more?
  • What office furniture and equipment will I need in my temporary space?  Can I use what is currently available in Clark Hall instead of moving my furniture there?
  • What is the minimum amount of office furniture, file storage, office supplies and equipment that I need to fully function in the temporary office space?
  • What items will not be used in the Temporary or Permanent space and need to go to Surplus?
  • What calendar days do I set aside to physically move items to temporary space, storage, or surplus collection points?
  • Who do I communicate with when bins are full, when help is needed?
  • Where are the carts, tape, boxes, etc?