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Cider Research Program

2019 Internal Competitive Grant Program Request for Proposals

For state tax purposes, cider above 7.5% alcohol is considered fruit wine and is taxed by the State Liquor Control Board.  The resulting ¼ cent per liter is sent to WSU for grape and wine research but that collected from cider will be separated from that collected from wine to expand our cider industry. Initially, the cider tax allocation wasn’t much, but in the last few years, the category has expanded and it now averages around $30,000 annually to ARC. We expect to be able to provide approximately $35K annually for cider research and possibly more if funds have accumulated are available for spending. We therefore expect to fund at least one, possibly two, proposals for $35K/year for up to three years.

We will give priority to proposals that clearly articulate how their research will address current deficiencies in cider fruit or cider production in Washington. Collaborative research and training of graduate students and/or undergraduate students in cider research is also strongly encouraged. Small equipment needs will also be considered. The full RFP is available here.

For questions, contact Mark Hubbard in the CAHNRS Office of Research (