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Award Management Services

CAHNRS Faculty are very successful in obtaining extramural funding. In FY2014 55% (936) of awards received and 39% ($81M) of total dollars awarded at WSU were for CAHNRS faculty.

If you receive an award directly from a funding agency (grant, contract, cooperative agreement, subaward, etc.) be sure to forward the agreement to your grant administrator to process the award for signature. PI’s are not authorized to sign awards, only OGRD has been delegated the authority to sign and accept awards on behalf of WSU.

The roles and responsibilities of a Principal Investigator are outlined in Business Policies and Procedures Manual 40.01 . WSU has a mandatory Principal Investigator training. This training is accessed HERE using your network ID and password.

Faculty are supported in an award management by their grants administrator in a Business Center, R&E Center, WSU Extension or Unit. For large grants, Grant Management Services may also provide assistance.

Sponsored Programs Services (SPS) is WSU’s post-award office. Grant administrators work with SPS and OGRD as needed to assist faculty in managing their awards.

WSU’s policies and procedures on travel, purchasing and personnel apply to grant funds, as well as any other terms and conditions required by the sponsor.

For questions on how to manage your grant (allowable expenditures, when it is necessary to contact the sponsor for prior approval, no-cost extensions, subcontracts, rebudgeting, expenditure tracking etc.), please contact your grant administrator.


If you have any questions please contact your grant administrator.