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Commission Proposal Process

ARC has a Master Memorandum of Agreement in place with the following:

  • Agricultural Research Foundation for the Christmas Tree Promotion Board
  • American Bamboo Society
  • California Cherry Board
  • Fresh Pear Committee
  • ID Barley Commission
  • Mint Industry Research Council
  • Northwest Agriculture Research Foundation
  • Oregon Sweet Cherry Commission
  • Pacific NW Vegetable Association
  • USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council
  • WA Asparagus Commission
  • WA Blueberry Commission
  • WA Cranberry Commission
  • WA Dairy Products Commission
  • WA Grain Commission
  • WA Oilseeds Commission
  • WA Potato Commission
  • WA Red Raspberry Commission
  • WA State Crop Improvement Association
  • WA State Dept of Agriculture/Nursery License Surcharge
  • WA Strawberry Commission
  • WA Tree Fruit Research Commission
  • WA Turf Seedgrass Commission
  • WA Wine Commission
  • Hop Research Council
  • WA Concord Grape
  • WA Hop Commission
  • WA Mint Commission
  • NW Turfgrass Association

Commodity Contact Info

Each Commission is different as far as the proposal process goes. If the proposals need to be ran through the ARC, an RFA with detailed instructions will go out on the Research Grants listserv. This is the process that occurs after award has been made:

  • For ARC Commissions, an award needs to be emailed to CAHNRS ARC representative at If one of your PI’s indicates that they have received an award, please have them forward that documentation to CAHNRS Grants. Our Commission Liaison must have something from the agency, before they can draft the addendum.
  • An addendum will be drafted, account numbers obtained for new accounts, and it will be emailed to the agency for signature. The grant administrators and PI’s will be cc’d on this email.
  • While waiting for the signed agreement to come back, The CAHNRS Liaison will complete the assurance statements and email them out to each PI for their individual projects. The grant administrator will be cc’d on this email. CAHNRS Liaison will also request a copy of the proposal, if it did not get routed through ARC upon submission. This process could take some time, especially if there are 30 plus projects on one amendment.
  • Once the Grants  office  receives all the assurance statements back and the agreement signed by the agency, they will get the documentation put together. The proposal will be attached to each assurance statement. All assurance statements/proposals will be attached to the signed addendum. This package will get forwarded to the College Finance Officer for signature on behalf of Scot Hulbert/ARC. Then, it will get forwarded to ORSO for Dan Nordquist signature. ORSO  will upload each project to its corresponding number in the database, or create a new activity.
  • The agreement is now fully executed. A copy will go to SPS for account setup, and a copy will be sent back to the agency.


If you have any questions please contact your grant administrator.