Applied BioEnergy Research Program (Appx. A)

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Applied BioEnergy Research Program (Appendix A) Internal Competitive Grant Program

The 2022 Request for Proposals (pdf). Proposals are due by electronic submission on Monday, November 15. For questions, contact David Gang (

In the 2007–09 biennium the Washington State Legislature funded a joint Washington State University (WSU) and Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) program targeting applied bioenergy research. The funds were requested by WSU and WSDA to undertake near term, applied research needed to successfully implement the Energy Freedom program and bioenergy initiatives enacted in 2006. Since 2007, WSU’s Agricultural Research Center (ARC) and WSDA have collaborated on this research effort. The Appendix A funds have been directed to research projects coordinated by the WSU Department of Crops and Soils, as the Washington Oilseed Cropping Systems (WOCS) project, and to research projects coordinated by the ARC in the area of energy conversion via anaerobic digestion of dairy wastes (Applied BioEnergy) designed to support Washington State dairy and cattle farmers.

The Applied BioEnergy program has evolved since its inception. The primary focus of the 2022 request for proposals (RFP) is on nutrient management and energy recovery from dairy wastes utilizing anaerobic digestion or other methods of processing that are currently utilized or emerging in the industry.

In 2020, a competitive process was used to award the following 10 proposals:

  1. Birgitte Ahring – An Integrated Process for Increased Bioenergy Production and Nutrient Recovery during Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure.
  2. Chris Benedict – Evaluation of Nutrient Recovery from Undigetsted Dairy Waste Using a Dissolved Air Flotation System.
  3. Shulin Chen – Producing Algal Biomass Using Dairy Wastewater Nutrients.
  4. Manuel Garcia-Perez – Engineered Chars for Enhanced Methane Production and Nutrient Recovery from Anaerobic Digestion Effluents.
  5. Manuel Garcia-Perez – Selective Carbonization of CAFOs Manure Solid Fractions for the Production of High Char Yield Enriched in N and P.
  6. Joe Harrison–  Use of Dairy Derived Phosphorus as a Sole Phosphorus Source for Alfalfa Production.
  7. Georgine Yorgey – Supporting Communication Between Researchers and External Stakeholders to Improve Appendix A Impact.
  8. Georgine Yorgey – Improving the Potential for Nutrient Recovery to Contribute to Improved Nutrient Export and Nutrient Management By Dairies.
  9. Shulin Chen – Enhancing Efficiency of Anaerobic Digestion for Cost Reduction.
  10. Georgine Yorgey – Extension in Support of Decision-Making for Dairy Biogas Generation and Refinement.