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Orville A. Vogel Wheat Research Fund

Program Overview
The Orville A. Vogel Wheat Research fund was established to support production-oriented wheat research and to encourage basic and applied research directed towards identifying factors that limit the maximum production capability of wheats grown in the Pacific Northwest. Emphasis, as outlined in the Gift Use Agreement, is given to microbiological limitations to yield, affordable yields as they relate to conservation practices, and the development of varieties that further these goals.

CAHNRS Office of Research is particularly interested in providing funding that will allow faculty to pursue new directions or form new collaborations, fill fundamental knowledge gaps that will enhance our capacity to address significant issues facing Pacific Northwest wheat growers, generate preliminary data that will enhance competiveness for federal funding and/or from corporations that will bring the best science to bear on wheat research. The O.A. Vogel Wheat Research Fund is NOT designed to supplement currently funded projects or as a substitute for other funding.

This funding opportunity runs as a 3-year cycle. Awards for 2019-2021 include:

Arron Carter – Genomic selection as a tool to introgress complex and novel traits into adapted wheat   germplasm

Amber Hauvermale – Two sides of the same germination coin: How the gibberellin (GA) hormone receptor regulates late maturity α-amylase (LMA) and preharvest sprouting (PHS) in wheat

Tim Murray – Impact of biochar and fly ash application to agricultural soils on soil health and crop productivity

Andrei Smertenko – Improving wheat yield under heat and drought stress by harnessing plant rejuvenation processes



October 30, 2021               Request for Proposals issued

December 21, 2021           Proposals due by 5:00 PM (electronic submission)

2022-2024 Request for Proposals (pdf)


For questions about the O.A. Vogel Wheat Research Fund, past projects, or its impacts, contact David Gang ( in the Agricultural Research Center.