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AFRI – FAS Environmental Justice (A1461)

Applications are encouraged that advance understanding of environmental justice and use of traditional ecological knowledge (including indigenous traditional knowledge) to create a demographically diverse and representative research community. Stakeholder-informed approaches that can lead to actionable information and transformational changes are also encouraged.

AFRI – FAS Sustainable Agroecosystems (A1451)

This program area priority calls for research projects that focus on improvement of ecosystem health and output of ecosystem services in managed production systems (croplands, forests, and rangelands) that are currently under stress or at risk from climate change, pests, pathogens, invasive plants, and increased environmental pressures.

AFRI – FAS Soil Health (A1401)

This foundational knowledge will lead to the development of tools, practices, techniques and/or innovations for improving soil health, sequestering soil carbon, and strengthening the resilience and sustainability of agricultural production systems.

AFRI – FAS Pests and Beneficial Species in Agricultural Production Systems (A1112)

Program Area Priority: The goal of the Pests and Beneficial Species in Agricultural Production Systems program is to advance knowledge of invasive or established plant pests and associated beneficial species leading to innovative and biologically-based strategies to manage pests. Appropriate plant-based agricultural production systems for study include food and fiber crops, ornamental plants (including turf), […]

AFRI – FAS Biorefining and Biomanufacturing (A1531)

A biorefinery is a system that integrates biomass conversion, processes, and equipment to manufacture biofuels, chemicals, and bioproducts. This program area priority focuses on converting, treating, processing, refining, or manufacturing products to utilize plant, animal, and woody biomass.

AFRI – FAS Engineering for Precision Crop and Water Management (A1551)

This program area priority focuses on engineered devices, technologies, sensors, and tools to provide precision crop and orchard management, technologies for targeted application of crop protection materials, and improve efficiency of irrigation and nutrient use in agricultural systems.