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AFRI – FAS Foundational Knowledge of Plant Products (A1103)

August 17, 2023

Program Area Priority: The Foundational Knowledge of Plant Products program supports projects to study the biosynthesis of plant-derived, high-value biomolecules for use in foods, pharmaceuticals, and other products. Projects must focus on agriculturally-important plants, but the choice of plant species must be justified. Molecular, biochemical, synthetic biology, or eco-physiological approaches may be used to determine the biosynthetic pathways for industrially-important biomolecules. The intent of this program is for results to be translated into discoveries that help create or meet emerging and future markets and contribute towards long-term demand for agricultural-based products.

Applications must address one or more of the following (order does not indicate importance):

  1. Primary and/or secondary metabolic pathways regulating the biosynthesis of plant metabolites that improve the quality of food and/or feed;
  2. Biosynthetic pathways of metabolites with herbicidal or pesticidal activities;
  3. Improving the production (biosynthesis) of plant-based chemicals that have industrial and/or pharmaceutical relevance; or
  4. Macronutrient and/or micronutrient biosynthesis, accumulation, and/or availability that are beneficial to human health and nutrition.


August 17, 2023
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