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FY 2019 Washington Grain Commission

Washington Grain Commission

Request for Proposals for Projects Beginning July 1, 2018

Note: Proposals are due by end of day Monday, January 8th, 2018


2017 Call for Washington Grain Commission Project Reports

Excel template for WGC Outcome reporting

Wheat Barley 2018-2019 RFP


The Washington Grain Commission (WGC) funds research relating to wheat and barley breeding, genetics, variety testing, end-use quality, nutrition, plant diseases, weed management and cropping systems.  This document serves as an invitation to scientists whose pre-proposals were approved at the October 31, 2017 review, and to scientists with ongoing projects, to submit full research proposals for consideration by the Washington wheat and barley industries. Although ongoing research projects are critical for continued advances in wheat and barley research, prior funding does not guarantee future awards. Ongoing wheat and barley research projects are reviewed and considered for renewal annually, and continued funding is contingent upon deliverables benefiting Washington’s wheat and barley producers.


General Instructions:

Proposals not meeting these requirements may not be funded.  Please read this entire document carefully before submitting a proposal.


Project Duration:

All proposals including ongoing projects must include the date the project was initiated and the stage the project is at in its current funding cycle. Projects may be funded for a maximum of three years, with ongoing projects eligible for renewal after the initial three-year period. Initiation and stage dates for each project serve as benchmarks for progress within a defined time period. All proposals including ongoing projects should list dates as follows:


  • Date initiated: July 1, 201__
  • This is year ___ of ___ (maximum of 3 year funding cycle)


A complete proposal must be submitted for each project every year. Continued funding of ongoing projects will be based on the accomplishments described in the progress report.


Proposal Format:

Proposals must follow the format shown below:

Length:                       Five (5) pages or less of narrative, not including figures or tables (please keep tables and figures to a minimum).

Font:                           Times New Roman, size 12

Margins:                     1” margins on all sides

Software:                         Submit in Adobe PDF format only. Your proposal will be included in the review book exactly as submitted by you. See instructions later in this document for guidance on what files to submit and how to name them.

Exclusions:                 Do NOT include any type of header/footer or page numbers

Submission:                Electronically to and by end of day Monday, January 8th, 2018 – no exceptions.


Please adhere to the following when preparing your proposal:


  1. The budget must be approved in advance by the appropriate individual in your business center with budget approval authority, or by the CAHNRS grants team.


  1. Use the attached Excel template to provide a timeline and summary of expected deliverables from the proposed research. Progress will be measured against the stated deliverables. Be specific. Explain new technology created, discoveries made, what was learned and how and when information will be delivered to growers and the industry. Answer the following question: “What measureable impact will your project have in the next 3 years?” One deliverable must be to prepare an article annually for Wheat Life on your research.


  1. Include a page with signatures from all scientists who have a demonstrable role in the project indicating that they approve the project and inclusion of their name on the proposal.


  1. Include a “Current and Pending Support” table (see example in the section on proposal format). This table or form should list all research funding support, regardless of the topic area of research. If there is no other support, please prepare the form and indicate “none.” Identify any other current/pending research funding that supports this project. This is not part of the five-page proposal limitation. Submit this as a separate PDF file.


Review Process

All research proposals are presented to attending growers and industry members by each principal investigator at the annual Wheat and Barley Research Review to be held February 20-21, 2018 in Pullman. Growers attending the review are asked to rank the proposals, and the grower rankings and collective wheat-producing counties’ proposal rankings are discussed at the wheat industry’s Review of the Review held in March and coordinated by the Washington Association of Wheat Growers. A final, overall ranking for each project is calculated at the Review of the Review, and the rankings are then sent to the WGC Commissioners who make final funding decisions.


Progress Reports

Progress reports will be solicited under a separate call.


External Peer Review

All proposals submitted to the WGC may be subject to a single-blind external peer review process. Peer review comments are used in the final evaluation of proposals and in making decisions regarding funding.