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WA Red Raspberry Commission Research Review

Raspberry Research Review – Friday, Nov. 2, 2018, 8 am to 3 pm – WSU Mt Vernon Research Station


We look forward to our annual Raspberry Research Review November 2nd in Mt Vernon.   WRRC uses this opportunity to help guide the development of high quality research projects that are attentive to our top research priorities.   This requires a look at where research is currently at and a clear understanding of farmer’s needs.


Communication between growers, agronomists, and researchers is absolutely necessary!   Our attached program tries to facilitate that conversation as best we can.   It only works if you participate either in person or remotely as outlined below.   We hope you can join us in person for the Blueberry Review on Thursday, the grower/researcher dinner Thursday evening, and for the Raspberry Review on Friday.


Please respond with indication of your plans to attend the Thursday evening dinner and the Friday program.