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Weekly Published Research – May 10, 2018

Posted by mark.hubbard | May 9, 2018
ASM Journal of Bacteriology LogoElectron Transfer to Nitrogenase in Different Genomic and Metabolic Backgrounds; and more.

This week, 1new articles co-authored by CAHNRS faculty, students, and staff (in bold type) were added to the Web of Science database. (Articles are linked to abstracts only.)

  1. Title: Electron Transfer to Nitrogenase in Different Genomic and Metabolic Backgrounds
    Authors: Poudel, Saroj; Colman, Daniel R.; Fixen, Kathryn R.; Ledbetter, Rhesa N.; Zheng, Yanning; Pence, Natasha; Seefeldt, Lance C.; Peters, John W.; Harwood, Caroline S.; Boyd, Eric S.
    Source: JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY, 200 (10):MAY 2018
  2. Title: Proximal hyperspectral sensing of stomatal conductance to monitor the efficacy of exogenous abscisic acid applications in apple trees
    Authors: Jarolmasjed, Sanaz; Sankaran, Sindhuja; Kalcsits, Lee; Khot, Lav R.
    Source: CROP PROTECTION, 109 42-50;JUL 2018
  3. Title: Novel micronized woody biomass process for production of cost-effective clean fermentable sugars
    Authors: Fu, Yu; Gu, Bon-Jae; Wang, Jinwu; Gao, Johnway;Ganjyal, Girish M.; Wolcott, Michael P.
    Source: BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, 260 311-320;JUL 2018
  4. Title: The influence of protective netting on tree physiology and fruit quality of apple: A review
    Authors: Mupambi, Giverson; Anthony, Brendon M.; Layne, Desmond R.; Musacchi, Stefano; Serra, Sara; Schmidt, Tory; Kalcsits, Lee A.
    Source: SCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE, 236 60-72; JUN 16 2018
  5. Title: Improving design of thermal water activity cell to study thermal resistance of Salmonella in low-moisture foods
    Authors: Tadapaneni, Ravi Kiran; Xu, Jie; Yang, Ren; Tang, Juming
    Source: LWT-FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 92 371-379; JUN 2018
  6. Title: Characteristics of a Naturally Regulated Grizzly Bear Population
    Authors: Keay, Jeffrey A.; Robbins, Charles T.; Farley, Sean D.
    Source: JOURNAL OF WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT, 82 (4):789-801; MAY 2018
  7. Title: Control of Bull’s-Eye Rot of Apple Caused by Neofabraea perennans and Neofabraea kienholzii Using Pre- and Postharvest Fungicides
    Authors: Aguilar, C. G.; Mazzola, M.; Xiao, C. L.
    Source: PLANT DISEASE, 102 (5):905-910; MAY 2018
  8. Title: Thermal-RGB imager derived in-field apple surface temperature estimates for sunburn management
    Authors: Chandel, Abhilash K.; Khot, Lav R.; Osroosh, Yasin;Peters, Troy R.
  9. Title: Alternative polyadenylation drives genome-to-phenome information detours in the AMPK alpha 1 and AMPK alpha 2 knockout mice
    Authors: Zhang, Shuwen; Zhang, Yangzi; Zhou, Xiang;Fu, Xing; Michal, Jennifer J.; Ji, Guoli; Du, Min; Davis, Jon F.; Jiang, Zhihua
    Source: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, APR 24 2018
  10. Title: On the nature of organic and inorganic centers that bifurcate electrons, coupling exergonic and endergonic oxidation-reduction reactions
    Authors: Peters, John W.; Beratan, David N.; Schut, Gerrit J.; Adams, Michael W. W.
    Source: CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 54 (33):4091-4099; APR 21 2018
  11. Title: Heritability and Combining Ability for Cold Hardiness from Partial Dialleles in Iranian Pomegranate Cultivars
    Authors: Soloklui, Ali Akbar Ghasemi; Gharaghani, Ali; Oraguzie, Nnadozie; Saed-Moucheshi, Armin
    Source: HORTSCIENCE, 53 (4):427-431; APR 2018
  12. Title: Composition and Physicochemical Characterization of Fiber-Rich Food Processing Byproducts
    Authors: Masli, Maria Dian Pratiwi; Rasco, Barbara A.; Ganjyal, Girish M.
    Source: JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, 83 (4):956-965; APR 2018
  13. Title: Impacts of Near-Term Climate Change on Irrigation Demands and Crop Yields in the Columbia River Basin
    Authors: Rajagopalan, K.; Chinnayakanahalli, K. J.; Stockle, C. O.; Nelson, R. L.; Kruger, C. E.;Brady, M. P.; Malek, K.; Dinesh, S. T.; Barber, M. E.; Hamlet, A. F.; Yorgey, G. G.; Adam, J. C.
    Source: WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 54 (3):2152-2182; MAR 2018
  14. Title: A techno-economic evaluation of anaerobic biogas producing systems in developing countries
    Authors: Morgan, Hervan Marion, Jr.; Xie, Wei; Liang, Jianghui; Mao, Hanping; Lei, Hanwu; Ruan, Roger; Bu, Quan
    Source: BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, 250 910-921; FEB 2018
    Authors: Kafle, G. K.; Joo, H. S.; Ndegwa, P. M.
    Source: TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASABE, 61 (2):681-691; 2018