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Tidal Leadership™ is offered by Washington State University through its award-winning Global Campus. The program consists of a 16-week, 12-module, online, both non-credit and for-credit course offerings culminating in a customized leadership portfolio and leadership certification. Through videos, online group discussions and engaging activities, skilled facilitators deliver the principles of Tidal Leadership™ in an interactive format. Specific details about each of the 12-modules are found in the Module section.

The program recognizes the unique needs of specific groups that have differing professional experiences and workplace challenges. In addition to the general offering, Tidal Leadership™ has been tailored for graduate students in a for-credit course, mid-career professionals, and women leaders. Visit the course offerings page for more details.

Tidal Leadership™ Facilitators

Denise Yost

Denise Yost is a creative scholar committed to interdisciplinary teaching and mentoring to inspire authentic and elevated leadership, and to develop life and interpersonal skills in students, faculty, individuals, and teams. A scientist (biology, physiology, genetics) and leader by training, Denise holds her B.S. and M.S. degrees in biological sciences from Washington State University, a Ph.D. in Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences from the University of Maryland, and completed her postdoctoral training at the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology. Denise has also been committed to professional training and facilitation for nearly a decade, applying transformative learning techniques to diverse contexts within and beyond the university setting. She translates and applies her creative and dynamic scholarly activities to learning, leadership and life. She is the current chair for the WSU senate Faculty Affairs committee, co-leads the Provost’s Leadership Academy, teaches mindfulness to student athletes, and is regularly engaged in speaking and facilitation events in the greater community. Yost is the Director of the Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership and a Principal Investigator on the university-wide Transformational Change Initiative at Washington State University, a five-year grant focused on students’ academic success, excellence in instruction and student mentoring. As part of the initiative, she leads the LIFT (Learn. Inspire. Foster. Transform) Faculty Development Program that serves to increase retention through student engagement practices across all disciplines. Denise continues to demonstrate that her best work is accomplished through living an integrated and inspired life.

Mary Kay Patton

Mary Kay Patton

Mary Kay Patton is dedicated to nurturing the human spirit as an essential part of leading a rich, full, meaningful life. In so doing, she supports individuals and teams in taking values-based, committed action from a place of presence and mindfulness. She delights in designing and delivering workshops, trainings and retreats, all with the intention of shifting and deepening people’s relationship with their own true nature. An Idaho native, Mary Kay Patton has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Washington and a J.D. from the University of Idaho.  Over the past 15 years, Patton has practiced civil and criminal law in both public service and private practice. Fueled by her experience in conflict resolution, social justice, and mediation, Patton now focuses her professional efforts on personal and organizational transformation.

Anna Whitehall

Anna Whitehall

Anna Whitehall’s focus is enhancing well-being through positive mental health. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Western Washington University and a M.A. degree in Human Development from Washington State University. Her research interest focuses on the implementation and evaluation of theory-based, large scale prevention and well-being programs in university settings. In addition to facilitating this program, she teaches a communication and life skill enhancement undergraduate course at WSU and provides customized workshops for youth organizations.

Jimmy Coggins

Jimmy Coggins

Tidal Leadership comes naturally for Jimmy Coggins who grew up in South Jersey literally watching the tides and Nor’easter’s rolling through the back bays of Ocean City. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, he pursued a career in hospitality and service, which has slowly evolved into a purpose, passion and vocation. Not only is he an excellent cook, Jimmy is a hospitality and certified project management professional with twenty-five years’ experience in hotel, restaurant, and contract service operations. Currently he serves as a leadership consultant, specializing in culture change, team building, and program improvement in customer facing environments. His professional life is grounded in a fifteen year meditation practice, and Jimmy brings a facilitation perspective that is intentional, purposeful and service-oriented. He resides outside of Washington DC with his wife Tracie, and their three dogs.

Kyle Shurm

Kyle Shurm is a current student at Washington State University pursuing a B.A. in Strategic Communication and also playing men’s water polo for the school’s team. Kyle appreciates meaningful communication and powerful social interactions that build connections between companies and the public. Kyle is currently working as Public Relations Specialist for the CTLL. His primary goals in this position include effectively communicating the mission, vision and services provided by the CTLL to multiple audiences. He also focuses on maintaining the Center’s image and brand of high quality, consistent, and transformative personal learning and leadership experiences for WSU and the region. As the CTLL continues to offer career development on the professional and personal scale, Shurm is excited to gain valuable experience and learn from this dynamic and experienced team.

“Participating in the Tidal Leadership Certificate Program was a very personal experience and I enjoyed the comradery and support of my cohort and the instructors while working through the material. The course was intriguing and challenging while providing me with tools that have enhanced my ability to lead effectively through realizing what is important to me, such as compassion and respect, and identifying traits that good leaders possess. It also reaffirmed the importance of living my life from a place that honors my values.”

Nicole Martini
Leads more than 3,500 Master Gardener Volunteers



2016 Outstanding Online Program Award Recipient

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