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The Tidal Leadership™ Certificate online program is divided into 12 one-week modules, delivered over a 16-week period. Modules feature taught components, online discussions, peer and facilitator coaching, experiential activities, self-reflections, and action-based assignments used to create a leadership portfolio. There are also 2 synchronous online meetings for each cohort – connect with your fellow leaders and facilitator to apply and integrate your learning!

Learn more about each module below.

Washington State University owns the copyright © for all Tidal Leadership™ course materials.  The content of this course cannot be reused in any fashion.

Module 1: “Tidal” vs. Title-Based Leadership™

Explore current theories of leadership, and identify individual values upon which your personal vision of excellence in leadership will be built.

Expected Outcomes

  • Explore basic leadership theory
  • Establish your leadership baseline
  • Discover personal leadership strengths and areas of development

Module 2: Strength of the Currents

Establish a platform upon which to build goals for living and leading a values-based life. You also will explore the importance of using a values-based leadership strategy to create positive results, improve effectiveness, and expand impact.

Expected Outcomes

  • Identify core values
  • Explore leading with intention: Compare a life of chance with a life of choice
  • Develop goals for living a values-based life

Module 3: Finding Your Balance

Explore the mindfulness tenants of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training), one of the foundations of this course. Focus will be on maintaining present moment awareness and becoming familiar with a neutral third-person perspective. Practice observation and awareness techniques to maximize your leadership potential.

Expected Outcomes

  • Explore your relationship with your own thoughts and emotions
  • Discover and practice techniques of working with challenging thoughts that block courageous actions
  • Learn valuable resources for effectively managing uncomfortable sensations that limit emotional agility

Module 4: Catching the Wave

Build upon the mindfulness components of ACT to deal with challenging thoughts and uncomfortable sensations that frequently hinder effective leadership.

Expected Outcomes

  • Explore strategies for being present in the moment
  • Practice mindfulness techniques that will enhance performance in various domains of life
  • Explore how mindfulness techniques support the development of leadership skills

Module 5: Discovering Your “Wake”

Find your natural behavioral tendencies, gain insight about your personality type, and evaluate how these factors affect your leadership. Understand the role you play in achieving individual and organizational objectives.

Expected Outcomes

  • Learn about four predominant personality styles
  • Increase self-awareness about your own personality and related behavioral tendencies
  • Learn methods of relating to others who have different personality tendencies

Module 6: Reading the Waters

Learn a powerful, intuitive tool that, when applied in real life, will allow you to inventory a situation, implement changes that will improve the situation, and move yourself and the entire team towards a new, positive vision.

Expected Outcomes

  • Develop strategies for assessing a situation from an objective perspective
  • Identify potential adjustment options that facilitate change
  • Practice implementing adjustments and assess impacts

Module 7: Surfing Lessons

Gain an awareness of how you respond to challenging situations and then, from a place of personal accountability, make conscious choices to proactively address such situations when they occur.

Expected Outcomes

  • Discover the values that underlie complaints
  • Explore competing commitments that have served as roadblocks to taking committed action
  • Identify assumptions that prevent you from taking action to address or change a situation

Module 8: Impact Zone

Learn to navigate obstacles that get in the way of living and leading a values-based life. Using the accountability model from Module 7, learn to take action in challenging situations.

Expected Outcomes

  • Declare and engage in a safe and modest risk that will serve as a catalyst for transforming the complaint into committed actions
  • Practice taking courageous action in the face of dynamic tension
  • Develop strategies for proactively addressing challenging situations

Module 9: Swimming with Sharks

Gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of five common conflict navigation styles. Practice your newly acquired tools to develop action plans for addressing conflict in common scenarios.

Expected Outcomes

  • Discover the five conflict navigation styles
  • Use three guiding questions to address conflict
  • Learn basic steps involved in creating an action plan for effectively navigating conflict

Module 10: Lost at Sea

Explore team development and team decision-making processes. Discover the importance of positive team building, and have an opportunity to create consensus even in challenging situations.

Expected Outcomes

  • Explore strategies for consciously creating effective teams
  • Discover approaches for building consensus within diverse groups of people
  • Practice creating consensus in challenging situations

Module 11: Becoming A Tidal Leader Warrior

Work with coaches to develop and complete a minimum of two live-enhancing, action-based personal challenges that enable you to apply the lessons learned in real life scenarios.

Expected Outcomes

  • Identify and break patterns of fear and avoidance that have stifled creativity and hindered values-based living
  • Declare a commitment that will serve as a catalyst to transforming dreams into realities
  • Develop confidence to proactively address personal and professional challenges.

Module 12: Charting the Course

Create a mechanism for assessing the alignment of personal behaviors with values that can be applied to real time experiences. Reflect on the entire Tidal Leadership experience, and develop strategies for continuing to integrate new-found skills into your daily life.

Expected Outcomes

  • Create an individualized “Rubric for Life” assessment tool
  • Create a plan for transitioning from the Tidal Leadership Certificate Program into leadership roles in your life
  • Practice the art of acknowledgement with cohort members and others in your life who have supported you through this process