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May 2008


Arizona NEMO Wet/Dry has developed a mapping protocol and GIS data mangement and processing methodology to record the perennial reaches of Arizona Rivers. Built on a local community volunteer monitoring program that has gathered on the third Saturday of June since 1999 to record where water flows in the San Pedro River, NEMO Wet/Dry has formalized the volunteer monitoring program and expanded the activity across Arizona. The main objective of the monitoring program is to create a map that shows where water is present, and where it is not in the driest time of the year, immediately prior to the Monsoon rains of summer. By mapping during the ‘dry’ season, information as to river base-flow and the interrelationship between surface water and ground water is clarified. The goal of yearly monitoring is to create a long-term record of changes in that flow – while the record of any single year is interesting it is a record for multiple years that may tell what is really happening to the flow in the river.