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Minimizing and Mitigating Wolf/Livestock Conflicts in Washington


Washington State University is partnering with State and Federal agencies, along with non-governmental organizations, to tackle the difficult question of “how can wolves and livestock coexist on this planet?”. The goal of this study is to provide science-based recommendations for the reduction of wolf-livestock conflict while adhering to wolf recovery goals.


The Washington State Legislature has directed Washington State University to conduct a research study and outreach program on “Wildlife Conflict Research”. This directive is to conduct a comprehensive investigation of non-lethal interventions related to wolf depredation on livestock. The investigation of non-lethal interventions will involve:

  • determination of mortality rates in livestock attributable to wolves
  • evaluation of non-lethal practices for deterring wolf depredation and harassment of livestock
  • assessment of other impacts on livestock productivity beyond wolf predation losses

The specific research objectives and outreach components were developed following input from research partners, wildlife organizations, and the livestock industry. The outreach component of the project will involve disseminating information to key stakeholder groups as well as the general public. This outreach will be aimed at increasing public awareness of the project from the beginning until its conclusion, as well as the extension of information and findings resulting from the research investigation.