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Key Partnerships


The Lead Agency for this research and outreach program is Washington State University (WSU), College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resources (CAHNRS), Agricultural Research Center (ARC).

Program Lead (Research & Outreach):

Dr. Robert Wielgus (Associate Professor and Director: WSU Large Carnivore Conservation Lab) – will focus on coordinating program partners and supervising the WSU research team.

Research Program Associates

Kaylie Peebles (WSU Data Analyst Specialist, WSU Large Carnivore Conservation Lab), Dr. Mark Swanson (WSU Associate Professor Landscape Ecology, WSU School of Environment), Dr. Dan Thornton (WSU Assistant Professor Wildlife Ecology, WSU School of Environment), 4 Graduate Research Assistants (2 Ph.D., 2 M.S), 2 Undergraduate Research Assistants. These associates will focus on field research, data analyses, and report writing.

Outreach Program Associates

Randy Baldree (Director: WSU Agricultural Extension) and Carter Niemeyer (Wolf Extension Specialist: WSU Large Carnivore Conservation Lab). Randy Baldree will focus on integrating the outreach effort with existing WSU Extension agents. Carter Niemeyer will focus on training WSU, WDFW, and WWO extension personnel and delivering the integrated outreach program to livestock operators and the general public.


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW)

will provide radio-collared wolves, trucks and gas, and radio-telemetry equipment. WDFW will provide funding support for Objective #1. WDFW will also focus on β€œon the ground” depredation investigations and interventions (Objective #4).

Program Lead: Stephanie Simek (Wildlife Conflicts Section Manager).

Program Associates: Donny Martorello (Carnivore Section Manager), Dave Ware (Game Division), John Pierce (Research and Science Division Manager), Brian Kertson (Carnivore Researcher), Scott Becker (Wolf Biologist), Jay Shepard (Wildlife Conflict Specialist).

Western Wildlife Outreach (WWO)

will provide and focus on outreach under contract to WDFW.

Program Lead: Lorna Smith (Executive Director)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFW)

will provide the ID, MT, and WY data-sets and focus on supervising the underlying causes of livestock depredations (Objective #1)

Program Lead: Hilary Cooley (Wolf Recovery Coordinator)

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

will provide guard dogs and focus on supervising the efficacy of guard dogs (Objective #5)

Program Lead: Julie Young (Director, Predator Ecology Lab)