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Jayda Jessie standing next to research poster

Jayda Jessie Agricultural Education

“The Ignite program as a whole helped me get quickly acquainted with the different research projects and faculty researchers within CAHNRS. It also allowed me to work directly with my academic advisor.”

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Lindsey Mongan with Dr. Pete Jacoby

Lindsey Mongan Viticulture & Enology

“Ignite helped me with my first year on campus because it allowed me to make connections with my professors, especially those in my field and to get to know other students studying a similar discipline as me.”

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Olivia Renn Animal Sciences

“Being in Ignite has allowed me to connect with other students who are passionate about research pertaining to their field of study ”

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Natalie Camerino Food Science

“The most beneficial part about being part of Ignite was building a community with the other undergrads and grad students that work in the lab”

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Gena Franco Apparel Merchandising, Design, & Textiles

“This program opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities that make me excited for the future and what other projects I could involve myself in or even start myself.”

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Riley Reed in beekeeper keeper grabbing tray from beehive and bees swarming all around

Riley Reed Agricultural Biotechnology

“The Ignite program gave me the opportunity to truly experience research. Prior to starting my project, I only had preconceived ideas about what it would look like.”

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Nora Abelsen Wildlife Ecology and Conversation Sciences

“I never got to experience anything quite like this, so having this opportunity to see what research is like has been amazing.”

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