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The College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS) is making a difference. With 15 academic departments and schools, four research and extension centers and 39 county Extension offices distributed across Washington State, CAHNRS provides global leadership in discovering, accessing, and disseminating knowledge that contributes to a safe, abundant, and affordable food and fiber supply; promotes the wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities; enhances sustainability of agricultural and economic systems; and cultivates stewardship of natural resources and ecological systems.

What's Happening in CAHNRS

Study shines light on farmers markets in Washington

21 April 2014, 5:56 pm

Wenatchee, Wash. – The number of farmers markets in the state have more than doubled in the last decade, from nearly 80 to more than 160, according to a recent report by Washington State University. The report is based on a 2010 study that examined economic and community impacts of farmers markets in Washington, which could help shape strategies and policies to sustain them.

WSU holds drawing to distribute new apple to growers

14 April 2014, 5:49 pm

By Kate Wilhite, College of Agricultural, Human & Natural Resource Sciences


Kate Evans and WA grower Byron Borton looking at a tree of WA 38 at Quincy in September 2013.

PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University will hold a random drawing to determine which Washington growers will be the first to plant the newest apple developed by the WSU apple breeding program. This will facilitate a fair and equitable distribution of a limited number of WA 38 trees in the first year of release.

WSU anticipates there will be a small number of trees available in 2016; however, supply in 2017 should exceed 300,000. The university is working with a number of Northwest Nursery Improvement Institute-affiliated nurseries and other producers to increase certified WA 38 planting stock.

Cultivating veterans: Finding peace with a shovel and pitchfork

19 March 2014, 5:43 pm

Sequim, WASH. – Military veterans on the Olympic Peninsula are healing invisible wounds of war by digging in the dirt. They are part of a trend taking root across the country called agrotherapy, which helps veterans not only overcome difficulties like post-traumatic stress syndrome but also gain skills to help support themselves and their families.

Hagler leads with Agriculture Future of America

17 March 2014, 5:34 pm

Jenica Hagler, a WSU sophomore in Agricultural Business and Economics, has been selected to serve on the Student Advisory Team for the Agriculture Future of America.

“AFA embodies a strong commitment to agriculture that I see every day at WSU in CAHNRS agriculture students. I look forward to serving as a liaison for not only WSU, but for all areas of the United States,” Hagler said. “It is such an exciting time to see future agricultural leaders coming together in AFA to share our passion for the industry.”

Can good fungi restore bad soil?

19 February 2014, 5:43 pm

Tarah Sullivan is fascinated by fungi, especially the ones in agricultural soils that offer hope for addressing toxicity issues by transforming harmful metals.

As a new assistant professor of soil microbiology in the WSU Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Sullivan is busy setting up her laboratory to study how soil microbes can transform toxic metals like aluminum, cadmium, or lead into less toxic forms, and how they can help plants take up essential micronutrients like iron, zinc, and copper.

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