Interdisciplinary Programs

To meet the demands of the competitive global economy, companies need a skilled and flexible workforce. Our partnerships with WSU colleges and other universities enhance student learning, fostering collaboration and resource-sharing. A core of interdisciplinary courses provides a foundation for expertise in specific disciplines. Students can gain practical experience through part-time research positions and professional internships.



wheat field with number overlay.

Agricultural & Food Systems

The AFS BS-degree program prepares students for success in various agricultural and food production disciplines. It offers five majors:

These majors focus on building a strong foundation in agricultural sciences and require a related internship.

WSU lab student holding tray of plants.

Integrated Plant Science

Our IPS BS-degree program focuses on fundamental plant science, equipping students for success in various professional fields or further graduate studies. The program offers six major options:

Molecular Plant Sciences

The MPS doctoral program incorporates plant physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology, and is considered one of the top programs in the world. The interdepartmental curriculum is led by faculty members from the CAHNRS Departments of Crop and Soil Sciences, Entomology, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, and the Institute of Biological Chemistry, as well as in the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Molecular Biosciences, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science. Graduate students study with some of the best minds in America to understand the characteristics and mechanisms of plants. They use this knowledge to develop life-saving medicines, keep our food safe, and evolve agricultural systems to feed the world.