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A Sampling of CAHNRS Products

Illustration of WSU Wine bottle and wine glass

Blended Learning Wine

Since 2012, WSU Viticulture & Enology students have developed their own wines in partnership with Washington wineries and WSU faculty.

Students use grapes sourced from iconic vineyards, elevating quality and imbuing the wine with the unique characteristics found in each winemaking region. They also benefit from industry knowledge and experience.

WSU Viticulture & Enology
WSU Wine Store

Cosmic Crisp Apple Illustration

Cosmic Crisp® Apple

Branded and sold worldwide as Cosmic Crisp®, WSU’s latest apple variety is WA 38. The fruit of more than two decades of research and bred especially for Washington growers, Cosmic Crisp® made the largest apple launch in history in fall 2019.

Large, round, crisp, and juicy, the apple was named for its star-like lenticels, or pores, on its bright red skin. Featured by Good Housekeeping, Bon Appétit, and many other outlets and influencers, and enjoyed by millions as an eating apple, Cosmic Crisp®’s versatility lets it shine in nearly any product or recipe.

WSU Tree Fruit
Cosmic Crisp® Website

Can of Cougar Gold Cheese

Cougar Gold Cheese

Cougar Gold Cheese is a gourmet sharp cheddar made at WSU for more than 70 years. Aged for more than a year, Cougar Gold is a winner of both national and international awards and is beloved by cheese lovers worldwide.

Made at the WSU Creamery with milk from cows owned by WSU and raised at the university’s Knott Dairy Center, Cougar Gold production and sales provide teaching and research opportunities supporting the Northwest dairy industry, as well as financial support to students and the WSU School of Food Science.

WSU School of Food Science
WSU Creamery Cougar Cheese

Ferdinand's Creamery Logo

Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe

A WSU campus favorite for generations, Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe is an old-fashioned parlor that offers original flavors of gourmet ice cream made next door in the WSU Creamery. Ice cream sales help support WSU student employees through valuable career-building experiences.

WSU produces more than 250,000 cans of cheese and 22,000 gallons of ice cream each year, from more than half a million gallons of milk.

WSU School of Food Science
WSU Creamery

Washington State University Pure Honey Bottle Illustration


WSU honey is created by bees foraging across the Northwest’s Palouse country. Our honey is bottled separately by location or plant source to highlight its origin, flavor, and benefits. Honey production is seasonal, and is an important part of evaluating the productivity of bees in our breeding program.

WSU’s Honey Bee and Pollinator Research, Extension, and Education Program solves problems of major importance to Pacific Northwest beekeepers. Current research helps address pathogens, parasites, and environmental challenges to bee health.

WSU’s Honey Bee and Pollinator Research, Extension, and Education Program
WSU Honey

WSU Tartan tie on shirt illustration

Official Tartan

Show your cougar pride with official WSU tartan products, including lambswool scarves, neckties, totes, lanyards, and more. This traditional pattern, in WSU crimson and gray, was created by students in the Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles as part of a popular competition. More than 34,000 votes were cast for the winning design, which is registered with the International Tartan Registry in Scotland.

Proceeds from the sale of tartan products help support learning opportunities in AMDT.

Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles
WSU Tartan Products

Beef patties on grill illustration

Premium Beef

The Department of Animal Sciences is home to a pasture-to-plate cattle herd that offers an unparalleled experience for students to learn about beef production. Students, staff, and faculty work together to hand select the best Angus and Wagyu cattle for the Premium Beef Program. Beef is aged for about 14 days to ensure optimum flavor and tenderness.

Students build hands-on knowledge at all stages of the process, including at our on-campus USDA-inspected Meats Lab.

Department of Animal Sciences
WSU Premium Beef

Illustration of WSU wheat, noodles in bowl with chopsticks

Ryan Wheat

Ryan, Washington’s number one spring wheat variety released by WSU, is winning over farmers and grain buyers in the U.S. and across the Pacific, thanks to its productivity and ability to create an outstanding fresh noodle. Ryan was released in 2016 for all Pacific Northwest growing regions.

Perfect for Japanese udon, Ryan wheat delivers a chewy, bouncy bite. Ryan noodles stay bright and clear longer, making for a more attractive product. The grain also has outstanding qualities for traditional cookies, crackers, and other soft wheat flour products.

WSU Wheat & Small Grains
Washington Genetics

WSU Everything Seasoning container

Seasonings & Rubs

Spice up your grilling game with official WSU Seasonings and Rubs, which pair well with a wide array of meats and other dishes. Originally created by Chef Jamie Callison, these curated blends are offered by the Department of Animal Sciences.

Every shaker sold helps students gain valuable career experience at Cougar Quality Meats, and enhances training programs at the WSU Meats Lab.

WSU Premium Beef