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CAHNRS Office of Research Support for


Research Opportunites and Support for Graduates

Resources for graduates

The CAHNRS Office of Research is here to assist you in the proposal submission process for external funding. We encourage Ph.D. candidates to apply for pre- and post-doctoral fellowships with support from your graduate advisor.

Writing Resources

Writing and communication are critical components to research. WSU has multiple organizations and support services to help you improve your writing skills, promote your research, and sell your idea in grant proposals!

Ways to promote your research on campus!
  1. Participate in a WSU podcasts
  2. Compete in the CAHNRS 3-minute thesis
  3. Write a blog
  4. Present at a departmental seminar

Ways to get involved in research!

Interested in grant writing as a profession?

Washington State University Global campus offers an undergraduate certificate in Professional Science and Technical Writing. This is a great educational opportunity for those interested in communicating with international and national audiences about scientific advancements!