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CAHNRS Office of Research Support for

Graduate Students

Grant and Fellowship Support

The CAHNRS Office of Research grants team is available to aid you in submitting proposals for extramural fellowships and grants. These funding opportunities are granted by national, regional, or private agencies to individual graduate students to improve their research skills and professional growth. We highly recommend that Ph.D. candidates apply for pre- and post-doctoral fellowships with the help of their graduate advisors.

You can use the WSU-Pivot database to explore the latest funding opportunities and research trends by entering search terms or browsing by keyword(s). To get started, please consult our comprehensive guide for more in-depth details.

Additional Resources

Effective communication is crucial for research. Washington State University offers various support services to enhance writing skills, facilitate research, and promote professional growth. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or just starting out, WSU’s support services can help you achieve your goals and advance your research career.

Ways to promote your research on campus!
  1. Participate in a WSU podcasts
  2. Compete in the CAHNRS 3-minute thesis
  3. Write a blog
  4. Present at a departmental seminar