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Coug-shaped hearts are forged right here at Washington State University, as the Cougar spirit draws in folks from all backgrounds and walks of life. It’s the traits of a Coug that set apart their hearts from others: Service. Courage. Perseverance. Humility. Generosity.

Mandy Minick and Patricia Veleke are living proof.

Patricia Veleke holding her plaque at a Cougar Football game,
Patricia Veleke

Mandy Minick is holding her plaque standing with her husband Dave.
Mandy Minick, with husband Dave

Exhibiting genuine loyalty and affection for Washington State University with a special understanding of Cougar spirit, Mandy and Patricia are Cougs at heart. So we’ve made it official: both have been adopted into the Cougar Nation.

Do you know someone who didn’t attend WSU but has the heart of a Coug? Nominate them to be recognized with an Adopted Cougar Award by contacting the Alumni Association at 1-800-258-6978. Learn more by visiting