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Wall of Honor

From a small farm to global diplomacy, a Coug comes home

Asif ChaudhryAsif Chaudhry grew up on a small subsistence farm in Pakistan and spent most of his career working for the United States government on four continents. But it’s his years at WSU he calls the most transformative and influential of his life.

“When I landed in the US, it was a cold winter morning in January, 1983,” said Chaudhry, who earned a PhD in agricultural economics from WSU in 1987. “Something happened in my four years here. I gained a level of confidence and academic background that left me feeling like I could accomplish anything.”

Two years ago, after spending 27 years as a senior foreign officer in the US departments of State, Defense, and Agriculture, Chaudhry came back to Pullman to become WSU’s Vice President of International Programs.

“My life has been unreal, like a dream,” Chaudhry said. “When I go back to my village in Pakistan, I almost have to pinch myself thinking of the life I’ve led. And much of that was made possible by this university.”

Last spring, CAHNRS honored the life and career of this incredible alum by naming him to the college’s Wall of Honor. The wall recognizes outstanding academic and professional achievements of alumni, volunteers, and leaders who have been extraordinary legacy builders.

Individuals honored on the wall serve as an inspiration and role model for students, staff, faculty, and administrators through leading by example and serving as a leader.

“From day one, I felt like I was home at WSU,” Chaudhry said. “And I want to help bring new students here from around the world. This university is a part of me, and I think Pullman is the most beautiful place in the US. This town has always been so welcoming to international students from diverse backgrounds. Living in a place like Pullman and being affiliated with this extraordinary institution makes life very special indeed.”