A group poses with an award
I gathered with members of the Johnson Hall Move Coordination Committee on April 11 during the annual Faculty and Staff Awards.

This week I wrap up annual review conversations with chairs and directors. I’m inspired by the accomplishments of the departments and units and their leaders. In general, the challenges and needs were not surprising, but serve as a good reminder for where my efforts should be focused. A challenge I have observed here, like at my former universities, is conveying how appreciated efforts are and that a “meets expectation” rating reflects the expectations of strong accomplishments resulting from hard work.

We continue to build a programmatic vision for CAHNRS. Soon, the work of the Growth and Visioning Task Force will be sent back to the program units, which will build out and share their ideas for increasing resiliency through research, teaching, and Extension excellence. The programmatic vision is an externally focused document. Once completed, it will be time to consider a strategic plan for CAHNRS. The strategic plan is an internal document that operationalizes the vision and identifies strategies to achieve goals like “building resources,” “aligning resources with programmatic priorities,” or “ensuring CAHNRS is a great place to work and learn.” The process will take time to ensure there is buy-in to the plan. However, we are not waiting for plans to be completed to procure resources and support for programs.

We are grateful to all who supported students and programs during last week’s #CougsGive day! Nearly 200 people showed their support for CAHNRS. The alumni and development team went all out to reach people not only on the day of the event but also the following few days as they thanked our supporters. The ambassadors were fantastic, using social media to reach new supporters. It was a fun day and I already look forward to next year.

This is a low travel week, sort of the calm before the storm that is May. I am in Whatcom County for a day mid-week. End of semester activities are in full swing, making it a good time to stay in town and celebrate the success of our students and staff.