Football fever

A group of five people stands, visiting inside of a room with wooden floors. A table and chairs and windows are behind them.
Saturday’s football game and the events that preceded kickoff made for a fun time.

Watching football isn’t really my thing, but I do enjoy watching animated fans. Saturday’s game made for a fun time. Thanks so much to our commodity group partners for putting on the Homegrown Taste of Washington event at the Vogel Building! The table displays had a nice, steady flow of traffic right up until kickoff. Everything from the turfgrass display to the pencils, fruit, sliders, and fries were a hit with game-goers.

Football isn’t the only point of excitement if you are part of CAHNRS. Planning and design are underway for improvements to the Knott Dairy Center. We are grateful for state funding that will support the renovations vital to meeting research needs. Planning and design continue for the new USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) building. WSU personnel and ARS researchers connected to the new building are dedicated to the extensive planning process and eager to see construction begin. With winter approaching, I suspect there won’t be much to see before spring, but time will move quickly.

I am headed to the WSU Master Gardener Advanced Education Conference at the end of the week to celebrate the program’s 50th birthday while meeting and thanking some of our volunteers for their commitment to the WSU program and gardeners across the state. This will be my first master gardener conference in Washington.

Next week, I visit the Wahkiakum County Extension office. While it took a bit of time to schedule this visit, I am eager to meet the team there. I haven’t met everyone in CAHNRS yet. In between visits, I will be reading promotion and tenure dossiers — another good way for me to learn about the impactful work of our faculty.

I received a few emails from alumni who saw the recent CAHNRS Confluence magazine. I enjoy hearing from our alumni and retirees. Most share stories about their time at WSU. Keep those stories coming!


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