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CAHNRS Faculty and Staff Awards Nominations begin October 18. Learn more about the selection process.

R. M. Wade Teaching Award Nomination Guidelines

Intention: The presentation of the R.M. Wade Award for Excellence in Teaching began in 1964 with the support of the R.M. Wade Foundation. It was established to give special recognition to outstanding teachers in the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences. The final selection is made by a committee of students and faculty.


Award Packet Guidelines


Submit one electronic PDF document that includes each of the following numbered documents and email the PDF to Save and send the document with the following format: nominee’s name-RM Wade Teaching Award.

    1. Award Cover Form
      The award cover form can be found by clicking on the following:  Faculty & Staff Award Packet Cover Sheet
    2. Teaching Portfolio
      A narrative compilation of the faculty member’s teaching and learning activities that should not exceed five (5) single-spaced pages (Times New Roman, 12 point). This is similar to the University format for tenure and promotion guidelines. The suggested outline format is listed below:

      1. Goals (future intentions and aspirations in teaching and learning)
      2. Responsibilities
        –Percentage of appointment devoted to teaching
        –Listing of courses recently taught, with credit hours and enrollment
        –Work with individual students (independent study, undergraduate research, supervision of postdoc.)
        –Advising (CACD, majors, student clubs, etc.)
        –Instructional innovations
        –Extraordinary efforts with special groups of students
        –Use of research in teaching
        –Out-of-class evaluation activities
        –Service on WSU, CAHNRS, or Departmental committees
        –Pursuing professional development (teaching)
        –Projects or potential projects requiring non-state funding
      3. Evaluations (do not include forms, but use narrative summary format)
        –Student evaluations
        –Measures of student learning
        –Peer evaluations
        –Teaching awards
        –Other evaluations
      4. Results
        –Student successes
        –Instructional materials
        –Contributions to the instruction of teaching
    3. Letters of Support
      These should be organized into categories — department chair/director (required), peers, current and former students/clientele or other with no more than two (2) letters in each category. If the chair or director nominated the individual, that letter can suffice for the required letter in this section. Do not exceed seven (7) letters total. Letters of support should be included in the single PDF document.
    4. Vita (Limited to two pages)
    5. 150-Word Biography for CAHNRS Website
    6. A high resolution photo

Selection Process

Selection committees review the award nominations and make their recommendations to the Associate Dean, Academic Programs.

Award Process

Announcement – All employee candidates who have been nominated will be notified prior to the event of the decision. A formal announcement will be made at the CAHNRS Faculty & Staff Awards Reception. No other public announcements will be made until after the event banquet.