College Awards


Faculty & Staff Awards

  • Administrative Professional Staff Excellence Award
  • Administrative Professional Technical Staff Excellence Award
  • Classified Staff and Administrative Professional Excellence Award
  • Classified Technical Staff Excellence Award
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence Faculty Award
  • Early Career Excellence Award
  • Excellence in Advising Award
  • Faculty Administrator Award
  • Faculty Excellence in Research Award or Creative Scholarship
  • Faculty Excellence in Extension Award
  • Land-Grant Mission Award
  • RM Wade Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • Team Interdisciplinary Award

Student Awards


  • The CAHNRS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Undergraduate Student Award
  • Cashup Davis Merit in Agricultural & Human Resource Sciences Award
  • Cashup Davis Merit in Human Sciences Award
  • Dean’s Honor Roll
  • Emerging Leaders Award
  • Graduating Agricultural & Natural Resource Sciences Research Award
  • Graduating Human Sciences Research Award
  • Outstanding Seniors 
  • Superior Club Award


  • CAHNRS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Graduate Student Leadership Award
  • CAHNRS Graduate Student Leadership Award